• Name: Zenthia
  • Homeworld: Hive World
  • Career: Scum
  • Rank: Dreg
  • Gender: Female
  • Build: Lanky
  • Skin Color: Ruddy
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Grey
  • Age: 16
  • Quirk: You have a chronic, hacking cough.
  • Hive Class: Ganger Scum
  • WS: 24
  • BS: 39
  • S: 26
  • T: 27
  • Ag: 25
  • Int: 38
  • Per: 33
  • WP: 29
  • Fel: 41
  • Wounds: 12
  • Fate Points: 2
  • Insanity Points: 0
  • Corruption Points: 0
  • Thrones: 143

Divination: A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.

Traits: Accustomed to Crowds, Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary

Basic Skills: Tech-Use (Int) (Caves of Steel), Deceive (Fel), Awareness +10 (Per), Charm (Fel), Barter (Fel)

Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Hive Dialect) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Blather (Fel), Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)

Talents: Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (SP), Basic Weapons Training (SP), Ambidextrous

  • Autopistol (30m, S/-/6, 1d10+2I, pen 0, Clip 18, full) and 3 clips
  • Knife (3m, 1d5R, pen 0, primitive)
  • Autogun (90m, s/3/10, 1d10+3I, pen 0, Clip 30, full) and 3 clips
  • Brass knuckles (1d5-1I, pen 0, primitive)
  • Quilted vest (body, AP2, primitive)
  • Gang leathers (body, arms, legs, AP1, primitive)
  • Microbead
  • Street ware (Poor Quality Clothing)
  • Heavy gloves (memento)
  • Leather pouch (memento)

Special Qualities: None*


A young hive ganger just trying to survive in the world. Zenthia is, physically speaking, an unremarkable specimen, but with her sharp mind she just might make something of herself yet.

Currently living day-to-day, she scrapes for every opportunity available and has even taken to surreptitiously tipping of local authorities of gang plans (both hers and others) in exchange for some of the most basic necessities and creature comforts.


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